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A Fish Called Wanda

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A Fish Called Wanda

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What's it About

Sexy American jewel thief Wanda Gerschwitz (Curtis) manages to pull off a dangerous heist with her three self-interested criminal associates: Cockney tough George (Georgeson), stuttering hit man Ken (Palin), and her own dimwitted lover Otto (Kline), an ex-CIA operative. When George ends up in the slammer, Wanda sets out to seduce his buttoned-down barrister, Archie Leach (Cleese), in hopes of learning where the rocks are stashed.

Why we love it

Penned by Monty Python alum Cleese, Crichton's hilarious caper comedy is a riotous mix of hysterical pratfalls, over-the-top sight gags, and devious double-crosses. Curtis smolders as the alluring, manipulative gangleader who seduces — and then falls for —Cleese's comically repressed Archie. But this movie wouldn't be half as funny without Oscar winner Kevin Kline, the psychotic mush-for-brains who likes to sniff his underarms before lovemaking and who indignantly yelps, "Don't call me stupid!" Palin is the film's other secret weapon, at once outrageous and pathetic as a stammering, animal-loving assassin. For a zany night out, make a date with "Wanda."