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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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What's it About
In the late nineteenth century, persistent rumors of a sea monster destroying ships lead Professor Arronax (Lukas) and associate Conseil (Lorre) to investigate. When their own vessel is sunk by the "monster," they and sailor Ned Land (Douglas) discover the fiend is actually a submarine, designed and manned by twisted genius Captain Nemo (Mason). Rescued and taken on-board "The Nautilus," the trio are forced to remain his guests, or more accurately, his prisoners. But what is Nemo's purpose, and how will they escape?
Why we love it
Richard Fleischer's rendering of the classic Jules Verne tale by Walt Disney was, at the time, the most costly picture ever made — and it shows. The re-mastering of this beloved fantasy adventure is visually breathtaking, with vibrant colors popping off the screen unlike films half its age. Veterans Lukas and Lorre are solid, and Douglas is amusingly over the top as Ned (he even sings!). But best of all is the brooding Mason, who inhabits Nemo like a second skin, carrying the movie. Imaginative and exciting, "League" does full justice to its venerable source, and constitutes top family viewing.

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