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20 Days in Mariupol

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20 Days in Mariupol

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What's it About

In late February 2022, Associated Press reporter Chernov and his small team are in the southern Ukraine city of Mariupol when the Russian invasion begins. A siege ensues, and at great risk to himself if captured (he is Ukranian), Chernov documents the unspeakable horrors inflicted on the city and its citizenry, the most heartrending of which is the murder of children by the Russians’ brutal, seemingly indiscriminate bombing. Beyond surviving, Chernov must locate increasingly rare hot spots to get his shocking footage out to the world. Then ultimately, he must get out himself.

Why we love it

Co-produced by the AP and the long-running Frontline series on PBS, Chernov’s wrenching film is a difficult, often agonizing watch, but how can we turn away?  Chernov recognizes the importance of having the world bear witness to the ruthlessness of Putin’s unwarranted invasion and the resulting death and destruction, not just to soldiers but innocent civilians. Combining official news reports with grainy, jumpy video footage shot during bombardments or in ill-equipped hospitals with blood-soaked floors, “20 Days” will open your eyes to the cost of Putin’s evil agenda. Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary, given its importance and effectiveness, we think it should win.