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White Mane

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White Mane

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What's it About

In a remote region of southwest France, a group of ranchers is frustrated by their inability to capture a proud, fast, and fierce wild horse they call “White Mane.” Folco (Emery), a young boy who lives in a nearby village with his grandfather, has been closely watching the herders’ efforts to tame the stallion. Believing he has the ability to calm White Mane, he sets out to befriend the defiant charger.

Why we love it

Lamorisse is best remembered for his timeless children’s classic, “The Red Balloon.” But he won a Cannes jury prize—his first—for this affecting tale of a young boy and the gallant mustang he develops an unusual camaraderie with. Lamorisse’s ruminative visuals are, as ever, a joy to behold, and this slyly melancholy but ultimately affirmative film is a perfect introduction to quality, story-oriented cinema for young viewers.

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