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After a boozy evening with his best (straight) friend Jamie (Race), Russell (Cullen) ends up at a gay club where he picks up Glen (New). The next morning, Glen insists that Russell talk about their hook-up into a tape recorder. This proves at once difficult and exciting for the normally reserved Russell. The two men meet again later that day and spend another night together. As they grow closer, the imminent departure of Glen for America hangs over everything. 

Why we love it

Given that he also wrote and edited this surprisingly poignant, bittersweet film, "Weekend" is a signal triumph for director Haigh. Most everything about this nuanced, intimate character piece rings true, thanks to a sharp, knowing script and the emotionally raw performances of co-leads New and Cullen. The affecting "Weekend" is more than simply gay cinema — it's great cinema. (Note: there are some fairly explicit sex scenes).    

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