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In the distant future, WALL-E (Ben Burtt), a lonely trash compactor robot, industriously goes about his job on a polluted, deserted Earth; humankind has long abandoned the planet in favor of luxury space stations. When the winsome ultra-modern robot EVE (Elissa Knight) arrives on Earth in search of new life, WALL-E offers her a small green seedling he has found. EVE then returns to the Axiom space ship, and a love-struck WALL-E chases after her. Will this romance ever blossom?

Why we love it

Pixar’s Oscar-winning ninth feature delivers some pointed social commentary within a delightful science fiction tale that will appeal to adults and children alike. Brilliant sound design renders WALL-E as a living, sentient soul whose longing for human-style connection is palpable. Stanton’s meticulous attention to detail and the film’s unabashed sweetness combine to create something truly special. It’s hard not to root for “Wall-E”!

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