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Wait Until Dark

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Wait Until Dark

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What's it About

As if being blinded in an accident wasn't enough, Manhattan housewife Susy Hendrix (Hepburn) now finds herself in real danger. She's being terrorized by a gang of drug traffickers searching for a large quantity of heroin stashed in a doll which her husband, Sam (Zimbalist), unwittingly accepted from a woman on a plane trip. Led by Roat (Arkin), the thugs will stop at nothing to recover the narcotics — but Susy's no pushover.

Why we love it

Audrey ventures into edgy territory in Terence Young's "Wait Until Dark," based on the stage play by Frederick Knott (writer of "Dial M for Murder"). The Oscar-nominated actress excels in the role of a sightless woman fighting for her life in a basement New York flat, and Richard Crenna is solid as her unlikely protector. Still, it's Arkin who really sets your teeth on edge playing one of the screen's creepiest villains. This nifty suspenser starts slowly but builds to a terrifying climax. Just wait!