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True Things

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True Things

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What's it About

Kate (Wilson), an attractive single woman in her late twenties, is in a rut, bored and restless in her social work job and fed up with her nagging parents (McKusker and Rider). One day at work, she meets a dashing, dangerous rogue with frosted hair she soon names Blond (Burke). Blond is fresh out of prison and making a claim for benefits. They embark on a torrid fling which Kate clearly hopes will turn in to something more. But Blond proves himself a tad unreliable, which only draws her in further. Will Kate ultimately decide to fish or cut bait?

Why we love it

“True Things” treads a well-worn path in portraying a vulnerable woman indulging in a liaison with someone entirely unsuitable. What makes it distinctive are two outstanding lead performances, with Wilson and Burke generating powerful chemistry. Really, it is Wilson’s movie, as Ashley Connor’s tight camerawork tracks her for most of the film, to almost claustrophobic effect.  Thus we feel Kate’s unbearable frustration, and the risk of her imploding. Here’s one true thing: this sharp, intimate character study is a winner, well worth your time.