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    Three Days of the Condor

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    Three Days of the Condor

    What's it About

    After his colleagues are assassinated in their anonymous Manhattan headquarters while he's at lunch, CIA analyst Joe Turner (Redford) goes on the lam to ensure he's not next. Forced to provide Joe with cover, innocent photographer Kathy (Dunaway) is at first a frightened hostage, but eventually comes to trust Turner as he tries to discover why he and his team were targeted.

    Why we love it

    Pollack's tense spy thriller ranks as one of the best conspiratorial dramas of the '70s, a time when government mistrust was at an all-time high. Redford is in his prime as baffled, low-level spook Turner, and the sparks fly with co-star Dunaway, whose initial terror and eventual thawing happen with finesse and subtlety. With excellent supporting turns by Max Von Sydow and Cliff Robertson, "Condor" delivers gripping suspense all the way.