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The Seven Five

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The Seven Five

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What's it About

In 1982 Michael Dowd becomes a New York City police officer and is assigned to the 75th precinct in East New York, a neighborhood with one of the highest murder rates in the country and awash in cocaine and crack. Together with his partner, Dowd starts skimming money from drug busts and robberies and graduates quickly to protecting local drug lords and even trafficking himself. Fueled by arrogance, Dowd believes that he is safe within the blue brotherhood.

Why we love it

Using contemporary interviews with key players intercut with archival footage and Dowd’s own testimony before a commission on police corruption in 1993, director Russell paints a thrillingly vivid picture of crime and punishment on the mean streets of 1980s Brooklyn. Much of the entertainment comes from Dowd’s own gleeful trip down memory lane and the participation of unrepentant drug boss Diaz. More cinematically alive than many feature films, this incredible true-life tale grabs you and never lets go.