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    The Rules of the Game

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    The Rules of the Game

    What's it About

    Aviator Andre Jurieux (Toutain) is a hero, but has only love on his mind. The problem: he's in love with Christine (Gregor), who's married to wealthy, philandering Robert (Dalio). Andre leans on pal Octave (Renoir), who gets him invited to Robert and Christine's weekend hunting party. And  viewed from both an upstairs and downstairs perspective  what a strange party it is.

    Why we love it

    Director Renoir's scathing critique of French social conventions and hypocrisy caused quite a stir on release, and it's not hard to see why. A bit too clever and close to home for its time, the film's sublime satire has a cutting edge, as both masters and servants fixate on trivialities and behave foolishly, while all around them, Rome burns  or is it Paris? (Only a year after the film's release, the Nazis would occupy the City of Lights.) This is one "Game" still worth playing.