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What's it About

After Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery (Foster) is injured in Iraq, he's sent back home to recuperate. Emotionally shaken and adrift, he is assigned to serve as part the Casualty Notification Team — those soldiers who deliver tragic news to unsuspecting family members. His mentor is Captain Tony Stone (Harrelson), an old pro who harbors troubles of his own, including a past drinking problem. When Will informs Olivia Pitterson (Morton) that her husband has been killed, their meeting may prove the start of an unlikely romance.

Why we love it

This downbeat, at times devastating indie feature is propelled forward by director Moverman's penetrating Oscar-nominated script and top-notch performances from Foster and Morton. Still, this is really Harrison's film: he received an Oscar nod for his dead-on portrayal of Stone, a man struggling with just as many demons as his war-scarred subordinate. Don't miss this unsparing look at the fall-out from a distant war on our own homefront. Look for Steve Buscemi in a blistering turn as a grieving father.

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