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The Marriage Circle

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The Marriage Circle

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What's it About

After moving to an upper-class neighborhood of Vienna, flirtatious housewife Mizzi Stock (Prevost) sets her sights on seducing Dr. Franz Braun (Blue), even though he's blissfully betrothed to her good friend Charlotte (Vidor). Meanwhile, Mizzi's hubbie (Menjou), intent on divorce, hires a private investigator to secure the incriminating evidence, as Braun's lecherous medical partner (Hale) targets Charlotte.

Why we love it

They don't make sex comedies like they used to, —and no one even comes close to equaling Lubitsch, whose Warners-produced "Marriage Circle”" epitomizes his famed touch.” Sophisticated and naughty in equal measure, the film tracks the vicissitudes of love and illicit behavior among two wealthy Viennese couples (plus one confused gumshoe), and manages to have lots of sprightly fun in the offing. Lubitsch himself liked this film so much he remade it in 1932 as "One Hour With You.”"