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The Love Parade

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The Love Parade

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What's it About

Count Alfred Renard (Chevalier) is a dashing military attaché in Paris whose amorous dalliances get him into trouble. Sent back to his European country of Sylvania, he reports to Queen Louise (MacDonald) for punishment. The Queen, who to the dismay of her ministers is still single, is intrigued by the handsome courtier. He in turn proceeds to woo her passionately. They marry, but Renard soon discovers that being the Queen’s Consort is not as fun as he had imagined.

Why we love it

Lubitsch’s first talkie set the stage for future movie musicals with its witty elegance and seamless integration of the songs into the plot. MacDonald makes a winning film debut as the surprisingly liberated monarch. Roth and Lane are delightful as comic counterparts to the royal couple, but Chevalier as the roguish roué really livens things up, especially when he breaks the fourth wall with a sly wink. This melodious musical was nominated for six Oscars and became a huge box-office hit. Join this “Parade”!