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The Last Stage

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The Last Stage

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What's it About

When Jewish Marta (Drapinska) arrives at Auschwitz, the rest of her family is immediately gassed — but she survives, having been chosen by the Nazis to be a Polish-German interpreter. This position allows her special access, and she befriends two other prisoners, Eugenia (Gorecka) and Anna (Gordon-Gorecka), who work in the hospital of this women's camp. At great risk, the three attempt to undermine their sadistic guards and save themselves and other prisoners. Will these gallant, exceptional women make it out alive?

Why we love it

An Auschwitz survivor herself, director Jakubowska does the unimaginable by transforming her own grim experience into art. In doing so, she manages to portray humanity and even a measure of humor in the most horrific of settings. Made soon after the end of World War II and filmed partially on location at Auschwitz, this extraordinary BAFTA-nominated film is unsparing in its authenticity. Its stark, unflinching approach would later be adopted in several Holocaust films; most notably, Steven Spielberg's landmark "Schindler’s List." A shattering film experience.

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