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The Janes

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The Janes

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What's it About

Chicago in the late sixties was a center of student activism, even before the brutal police response to youthful protesters at the 1968 Democratic Convention shone a harsh spotlight on the city. With most attention going to civil rights and the anti-war movement, another fundamental issue was being overlooked: access to abortion. A group of extraordinary young women took up the call, forming an underground organization called “The Janes.” These brave, committed individuals worked to provide safe abortions at considerable risk to their own freedom.

Why we love it

This fascinating doc revives an inspiring story too many of us may not know about. Directors Lessin and Pildes use evocative archival footage to bring back the tumult of those times, complemented by illuminating current-day perspectives from the surviving Janes. These women truly are unsung heroes, and this film makes us like them as well as admire them. Given recent events, “The Janes” isn’t just important, it’s indispensable.

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