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The Great Train Robbery

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The Great Train Robbery

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What's it About

In late 19th century London, crooked mastermind Edward Pierce (Connery) and partner Robert Agar (Sutherland) devise a meticulous scheme to commit the crime of the century, a feat no criminal mind has ever successfully brought off: to steal a large shipment of gold from a moving train. A positive result will depend on highly intricate subterfuge and split-second timing, along with the help of Pierce's beautiful lady-friend, Miriam (Down). Will the trio pull it off?

Why we love it

This highly engaging heist entry, scripted and directed by best-selling author Michael Crichton, exudes rich Victorian atmosphere and benefits from the surprisingly felicitous pairing of stars Connery and Sutherland. Ms. Down plays a stunning lady who could halt traffic and trains, as well as induce most any man to steal. Missing this "Train" would be a crime indeed.