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The Endless Summer

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The Endless Summer

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What's it About

A landmark documentary, and the first serious look at surfing and those who devote their lives to it, "Endless" is an ode to sun, fun, and freedom narrated by director/surfer Bruce "Big Kahuna" Brown. Toting their boards from one spectacular coastline to another, Brown and his accomplices, professional wave riders Robert August and Michael Hynson, pursue summer all around the world in their quest for that ever-elusive perfect ride.

Why we love it

Profiling how the more physically fit and agile among us commune with elemental forces, Brown's "Endless Summer" captured the sheer thrill and joy of the surfing experience just as it was becoming a national craze. Surfing is depicted as state of mind as well as a sport, and the footage of daring athletes riding immense, aquamarine walls of salt water provides potent vicarious thrills. Catch this wave.

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