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    The Adventures of Prince Achmed

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    The Adventures of Prince Achmed Poster





    The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    What's it About

    Spirited away from his homeland when he climbs atop an evil sorcerer's magic horse, Prince Achmed finds himself marooned in the mystical land of Peri Banu, where he falls in love with a beautiful Princess. In order to find his way home, Achmed must join forces with Aladdin and the Witch of the Fiery Mountain and conquer the powerful spell of his arch nemesis.

    Why we love it

    Based on tales from the "Arabian Nights" and made entirely from hand-cut, Art Deco-styled silhouettes and color-tinted backdrops, Lotte Reiniger's mesmerizing 1927 fantasy has the distinction of being the very first animated feature. It's hard to imagine a silent fable more lyrical or transporting than this pre-Disney masterpiece, an enthralling viewing experience for viewers of any age. Only one print survived until the early '70s, when the landmark film was rediscovered and beautifully restored. Reininger's genius is apparent in every frame.