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    Ten Canoes

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    Ten Canoes

    What's it About

    During an expedition to collect tree bark and goose eggs, Aboriginal leader Minygululu (Minygululu) learns that his younger brother Dayindi (Dalaithngu) is having impure thoughts about one of Minygululu's wives. Hoping to cool Dayindi's ardor, he goes on to tell his randy sibling a cautionary tale about a warrior in ancient times who learns that his brother covets one of his wives.

    Why we love it

    Narrated by David Gulpilil of "Walkabout" fame, this colorful tale within a tale recounts a legend full of adventure, treachery, black magic, and ultimately sacrifice. Filmed in the Australian outback with nonprofessional actors, the movie is part folk tale, part good old-fashioned yarn; full of unique charm, and offering a vital life lesson. The look of the film, which shifts from color to crisp black and white, was modeled after photographs taken in the 1920s. The whole affair has an ethereal feel, punctuated with bits of unexpectedly modern humor. Paddle towards these "Canoes."

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