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Temple Grandin

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Temple Grandin

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What's it About

Adapted from the real life Temple Grandin's memoirs, this is the inspiring story of an autistic woman who overcame the closed-mindedness of others to live a happy and distinguished life. Early in her childhood, Temple's mother Eustacia (Ormond) is told her daughter would never be able to speak, and would most likely require institutionalization. Refusing to accept this grim diagnosis, instead she works with Temple to defy the odds, and over time Temple (Danes) shows the strength and perseverance not only to talk, but complete her education, successfully earning a doctorate. Temple then goes on to engineer several groundbreaking practices towards the humane treatment of cattle.

Why we love it

HBO knocked it out of the park with this multiple Emmy award-winning tribute to a truly remarkable woman. "Temple Grandin" takes on the tricky subject of autism with frankness and sensitivity, never stooping to schmaltz or condescension. While the entire cast is impressive, Danes's thoughtful, moving, Emmy Award-winning performance really shines through. This film not only relates one woman's incredible triumph over adversity, but reminds us all to be more open and understanding of people who are different because, as Grandin's mother puts it, "different is not less."

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