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Spring Forward

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Spring Forward

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What's it About

Paul (Schreiber) is fresh out of jail, working to rebuild his life even as past mistakes and unresolved issues threaten to undo his progress. Enter Murph (Beatty), Paul's older, wiser groundskeeper colleague, who subtly mentors the conflicted younger man. In time, they form a special bond, sharing their ambitions, regrets, and hopes for the future.

Why we love it

A simply told yet provocative story about the gift of friendship, "Spring Forward" is an exquisitely handled character piece fueled by a perceptive script and the considerable skill of the two leads. Shooting in sequence over the course of a year, director Gilroy follows the nuances and little epiphanies of this unlikely friendship through four seasons with nary a misstep, giving us the sense we're watching it all unfold in real time. Touching and true, "Spring Forward" is a quiet triumph.