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What's it About

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg gets a loving close-up in this extensive look at his life and work to date. Director Susan Lacy covers his prolific career spanning a half century, from early beginnings playing with an 8mm camera to his box-office bonanza years and later, more “mature” films. A movie-lover’s feast of clips accompanies the talking heads that elucidate and entertain with analysis and anecdotes.

Why we love it

Spielberg sat with Lacy for over 30 hours of interviews and delivers engaging, thoughtful perspective on his life and work throughout. He opens up personally, talking about his relationship with his parents, and his Jewish heritage. Lacy ties it all together with well-chosen excerpts from his movies. B-roll of him on set and insightful commentary from his peers add to this celebration of the cineaste’s career. You don’t need to be a film buff to love “Spielberg”!

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