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    Soul Kitchen

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    Soul Kitchen

    What's it About

    The loveable but luckless Zinos (Bousdoukos) has more than his share of problems: his beloved Soul Kitchen” diner is headed downhill; his nutty brother Ilias (Bleibtrau) has just gotten out of prison and needs help; his girlfriend Nadia (Roggan) decides to head off to China; and the tax collector is breathing down his neck. When he meets recently unemployed top chef Shayn Weiss (Unel) by chance, the two strike up a partnership that will give Zinos's restaurant a fresh menu — and, if he's lucky, a new lease on life.

    Why we love it

    Writer/director Akin ("Edge of Heaven") may be best known for intricately plotted dramas of immigrant identity confusion, but here he proves equally adept in the realm of comedy and romance. This zany farce serves up hilarity in generous portions, and doesn't skimp on pleasing culinary types, with plenty of in-kitchen action. But "Soul Kitchen" doesn't just tickle your funny bone and taste buds— — it also has a heart. Amongst all the madcap antics you'll find a sensitive depiction of one charismatic outsider trying to make his dreams come true. Be sure to get a reservation to watch this charmer.

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