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Songs from the Second Floor

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Songs from the Second Floor

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What's it About

Modern life gets weirder by the second in this oddball black comedy composed of a series of hilariously grim vignettes: a man burns down his business, a magic trick goes horribly wrong, lunatics pose as doctors in the local asylum, and a never-ending traffic jam halts all worldly activity while hordes of zombified citizen workers look on as if in a daze.

Why we love it

Embedded somewhere in Andersson's mind-boggling, deadpan "Songs" is a satire aimed at religion, politics, careerism, and the terrifying emptiness of office life. Imagine an Ingmar Bergman film directed by David Lynch and you have some inkling of just how surreal this exercise in gloomy comic absurdity gets. Swedish director Andersson might be giving us a glimpse of society's end, especially with his haunting final shot, but his razor-sharp sense of humor make these Nordic "Songs" more than a one-note adventure in Kafka-esque futility.