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    So Dear to My Heart

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    So Dear to My Heart

    What's it About

    On a small farm, young Jeremiah (Driscoll) adopts Danny, a black sheep that he dreams of entering in the county fair. Though chided by his granny (Bondi), who thinks Danny is a troublesome lot; Jeremiah is encouraged by Uncle Hiram (Ives), not to mention a few imaginary sketchbook friends, to go for the blue ribbon.

    Why we love it

    SSet in 1903, Disney’s heartwarming classic combines live action with delightful animation sequences set to tunes like “Stick-to-It-ivity.” Ives brings his down-home folksiness to the role of Hiram, and Driscoll holds his own as the rural lad whose big dream almost runs off-course when his pet runs away one stormy night. Viewers of any age will get a kick out of “Heart’s” jaunty, feel-good spirit.

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