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What's it About

A traffic accident brings Camiel (Hensema), a shy, gay dentist, into the orbit of Simon (Geel), a straight, affably crude cafe owner and womanizer. The two become fast friends, but split over an indiscretion involving Simon's girlfriend, Sharon (Lodeizen). More than a decade later, the estranged pals bump into each other, and Simon, ill with a brain tumor and bringing up two adopted Thai children, eventually finds comfort from Camiel and his old circle of friends.

Why we love it

Written and directed by Eddy Terstall, this low-key, affectionately told Dutch dramedy follows the vicissitudes of a friendship over 14 years. The film’s two stars, Geel and Hensema, imbue the darker edges of the screenplay — which deals frankly with parenthood, sexuality, and the looming terror of death — with warmth and the spirit of camaraderie. Terstall has just the right touch, handling a potentially burdensome gay marriage scene with complete naturalness. “Simon” says: watch!