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What's it About

The plot of this Western charmer is strictly boilerplate, but it hardly matters. Four unlikely heroes (Kline and Glover, Glenn and Costner) are thrown together to save the town of Silverado from corrupt Sheriff Cobb (Dennehy), and some other unscrupulous types, including McKendrick (Baker), the man who's pulling all the strings in these here parts.

Why we love it

Charismatic performances and swift pacing combine to make this a rousing piece of entertainment in the grand Western tradition. John Bailey's stunning cinematography and Bruce Broughton's majestic, Oscar-nominated score certainly help, but in the end, it's the cast that hooks you — they seem to be having so much fun, the audience just has to get in on it. Linda Hunt registers in particular as a sympathetic saloon operator, but a young Costner steals the picture as the boyishly exuberant Jake. This was the role that made him a star.