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Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me

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Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me

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What's it About

The beautiful, prodigiously talented Selena Gomez found fame early on, but behind all the hype and glamour there’s a determined but vulnerable young woman coping with enormous stress and uncertainty. Beyond the isolation that comes with outsize celebrity, Selena has lived for years with Lupus, a painful, debilitating condition, as well as recurring depression, which is eventually diagnosed as bipolar disorder. We watch as Selena copes with her various challenges over a five-year period, and come to admire her grit and humanity.

Why we love it

This raw, revealing doc plunges us into the chaotic life of a superstar in today’s music industry. In the spotlight from a tender age, Selena is a total pro, but inexplicably starts crying after a rehearsal, believing (wrongly) that her performance is lacking. When she receives her bipolar diagnosis, she quietly resolves to come to terms with it. Later her Lupus kicks up again, but she gets the necessary treatment. Beyond her sheer courage, we see a woman with a huge heart who wants to use her name to help others who are hurting. After watching this film, you won’t just love Selena’s music. You’ll love Selena.

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