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Rye Lane

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Rye Lane

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What's it About

South Londoner Dom (Jonsson) is still recovering from his longtime girlfriend (Peter) leaving him for his best friend (Sarpong-Broni) so he’s a bit taken aback on meeting the bubbly, eccentric Yas (Oparah) in a unisex bathroom. They quickly establish a connection, as Yas has also experienced a messy breakup recently. Together they embark on an adventure to settle scores with their respective ex’s, encountering an assortment of offbeat characters, and finding romance, along the way.

Why we love it

Colorful, exuberant rom-com from first-time director Allen-Miller is utterly delightful, thanks to first-rate performances, a sharp, knowing script, and vibrant production design, which bathes the working-class London neighborhood of Peckham in bright colors. The director builds in flashbacks and inventive, surreal moments to keep us engaged, but ultimately it’s the winning chemistry between young leads Jonsson and Oparah that holds this confection together. With so many formula entries on offer in this once-beloved subgenre, “Rye Lane” restores your faith that first-rate romantic comedy is not dead.