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Radiant City

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Radiant City

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Why did people flee to the suburbs after WWII in such huge numbers? And how has the lifestyle cultivated in those environments affected its inhabitants? In this cheeky, mock-satirical documentary, Burns and Brown peel back the artificial surfaces of well-groomed planned communities and, with a mix of insight and wit, examine the deadening effects of exurban sprawl.

Why we love it

For “City,” a veteran journalist and an intrepid documentarian set out to dissect the idealistic mystique of suburbia and examine its effects on the prototypically average Moss family. From the strip-mall churches to the too-perfect playgrounds and prefab dream homes, “Radiant City” puts an off-color spin on the outer-lying North American dream, drawing valuable insights from notable social commentators along the way. If you live in the burbs, or have contemplated moving there, “City” might make you cringe with recognition. For the rest of us, we may just want to stay put.

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