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Rabid Dogs

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Rabid Dogs

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What's it About

After slaying employees at a pharmaceutical company during a violent heist, a group of criminals force a station wagon with three passengers to take them to safety. Two of the thugs (Eastman and Backy) taunt frightened hostage Maria (Lander) with sexual come-ons and brutish demands, while driver Riccardo (Cucciolla), who's desperate to get his feverish, unconscious son to a hospital, deals with leader Dottore (Poli).

Why we love it

Bava's nihilistic horror-thriller (a.k.a. "Kidnapped"),” filmed in 1974 but locked up until 1998, is not for the faint of heart; but it is, quite literally, one hell of a ride. Filmed mostly in the hot, claustrophobic confines of the getaway car, "Kidnapped"” builds suspense on the unpredictable actions of its gleefully cruel, knife-wielding headcases, whose aberrant tempers erupt under pressure. If that weren't enough, Bava plays with our sympathies throughout the ordeal, then adds a twist ending guaranteed to pierce your heart.  

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