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Police Beat

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Police Beat

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What's it About

As he patrols the streets of Seattle in his capacity as a bicycle cop, African immigrant Z (Niang) meditates on lifes mysteries and cruelties, and boils with resentment at his girlfriend Rachel (Oxygen) for embarking on a camping trip with a male friend. Dealing with an array of incidents from assault to petty theft, not to mention the discovery of a dead body, Z strives to maintain his moral sense and decipher the troubled world he finds himself in.  

Why we love it

Visually poetic and dreamlike, Devor's "Police Beat" is a restless but unusually lyrical drama about the journey of a stranger (a Senegalese Muslim) in a strange land (the Pacific Northwest). Wheeling amid a sea of human problems, Z's inner monologue (spoken in Wolof) becomes the eyes and ears of a foreign consciousness struggling to understand its place in the world, as well as the problems that bedevil those he encounters. Based on actual police reports, Devor's trippy, melancholy procedural is a unique film whose haunting aftereffects will linger.

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