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John Worricker (Nighy) works for MI5 as an intelligence analyst under his best friend and boss Benedict Baron (Gambon). Information comes to light that implicates the British Prime Minister (Fiennes) in shady collusion with the USA, and MI5 is pressured to stifle the story. When Benedict dies unexpectedly, Worricker is left in a precarious situation with grave decisions to make.

Why we love it

Director/writer David Hare has produced that increasingly rare commodity: a literate, tautly woven thriller. Nighy is a treat as the wry, old-school spook, and Weisz gives a layered performance as the friendly neighbor with dubious motives. It’s also a joy to watch old hands Gambon and Davis sink their teeth into their roles. Don’t miss this smart, subtle spy outing, which explores murky themes of honor and duty in modern-day, global espionage. Followed by two sequels.

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