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One Fine Morning

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One Fine Morning

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What's it About

Sandra (Seydoux) is the widowed mother of young daughter Linn (Martins), working in Paris as a translator. She sometimes feels empty and lonely, but keeps busy. Her professor father Georg (Greggory) has a neuro-degenerative disease, and she and her brittle mother Francoise (Garcia) must arrange proper care for him. Sandra runs into Clement (Poupaud), an old friend in a loveless marriage. Soon they become lovers, but even this fresh chance at happiness won’t come easily.

Why we love it

Here’s an affecting, resonant story about a woman doing her best to navigate tough circumstances not of her making, and just perhaps, find love again. Seydoux is flawless as Sandra, a beautiful, determined but slightly sad lady who has her hands full. Hansen-Love’s assured, delicate touch leavens what could have been a grim story. The supporting cast is uniformly strong, with Greggory a standout as a man of books who loses the ability to access what he loves most. As adult romantic dramas go, “One Fine Morning” is a whole lot better than fine.