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Nowhere in Africa

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Nowhere in Africa

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What's it About

Exiled lawyer Walter Redlich (Ninidze) and his wife, Jettel (Kohler), make difficult, often painful adjustments when they are forced to leave Germany in 1938 with their formerly affluent Jewish family. They end up settling in a remote part of Kenya, with Walter taking on the job of overseer at a farm. Walter struggles in his new position (he's not a born farmer), while Jettel misses her luxurious life back home. Still, they go on, not knowing whether this strange place will be a temporary refuge, or their actual home.

Why we love it

Winner of the 2002 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, "Nowhere in Africa" is a vivid, exhilarating drama combining elements of adventure, suspense, and romance. Narrated by the youngest of the clan, Regina (played by Lea Kurka and Karoline Eckertz), this is a heroic tale about one family's painful displacement and subsequent perseverance in adapting to an unfamiliar land. Maintaining an epic sweep without ever losing its rich emotional flavor, "Nowhere" is a stunning achievement.