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Single mom Saori (Ando) sees her son Minato (Kurokawa) becoming moodier, and hears he’s being ill-treated by his teacher Mr. Hori (Nagayama). She meets with the principal (Tanaka) and her team, but frustratingly, gets no straight answers. Later we experience the events in question through the eyes of Mr. Hori, and finally Minato himself. From these differing perspectives, a more complex picture emerges.

Why we love it

Director Kore-eda (“Shoplifters”) has fashioned a powerful, unsettling drama about the devastating impact of lies, casual cruelty and insidious rumors in a small, tight community. Minato, sullen and closed-off, is still processing the death of his father, too young and confused to recognize the impact of his words and actions. There is bullying at his school, but is he the true victim? Among a stellar cast, young Kurokawa stands out as the troubled Minato. The different angles the story presents makes it challenging to track the narrative at times, but the ultimate reward is a thought-provoking, even profound film that sticks with you.

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