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This trio of love stories sheds an endearing light on the intense passions of contemporary Puerto Ricans. In this energetic, buoyant film, the funeral of a beloved grandmother turns out to be the scene of an adulterous revelation and a young boy’s first kiss; a marriage proposal on a bus is accompanied by the taking of a few hostages; and a farce ensues when an elderly woman invites her first ex-husband to move in with her – and her second ex-husband! Seemingly anything goes in this examination of acute lovesickness across generations.

Why we love it

With considerable skill, verve, and let’s not forget heart, writer/co-director Ruiz and Riera blend three plotlines together into an engaging, entertaining whole that gives the entire ensemble — especially underappreciated character actor Guzman — ample room to shine. It’s a wacky, often hysterical ride that has its finger firmly on the love-hungry pulse of this small corner of the Caribbean. Produced by Benicio del Toro, this was selected by Puerto Rico as its entry for the Foreign Language Oscar. Still, you don’t have to be Latin to love “Maldeamores”!

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