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Lust, Caution

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Lust, Caution

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What's it About

With Japan occupying China during WWII, gorgeous young actress Wong Chia Chi (Wei) is recruited by student dramatist Kuang Yu Min (Leehom) to seduce a bigwig collaborator, Mr. Yee (Leung), who’s been targeted for assassination. At first, things go according to script, but unexpected turns put Wong in grave danger.

Why we love it

Ang Lee is best known to American audiences for his Oscar-winning “Brokeback Mountain.” But he returned to Hong Kong to make this ravishing political thriller — and included lovemaking scenes so graphic (and smoldering hot) that he got slapped with an NC-17. Regardless, Lee knows how to direct actors in any language, and here he draws on the great talents of Leung, Chen, and smoldering newcomer Wei, mashing up intrigue and romance with an enthralling story of national identity. Proceed with “Caution”!

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