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Les Biches

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Les Biches

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What's it About

While on a trip to Paris, glamorous bisexual socialite Frederique (Audran) seduces a young bohemian woman who calls herself "Why" (Sassard), and carts her off to a villa in gorgeous St. Tropez for the winter. Their love affair is thrown out of whack when good-looking architect Paul (Trintignant) enters the picture, however. Why falls hard for the flirtatious fellow, but he takes up with Frederique, leading to jealousy and a bitter turn of events.

Why we love it

Chabrol's pseudo-Hitchcockian film about a fatal ménage a trois is a cool, stylish piece of work from the celebrated French New Wave auteur. The luscious Audran, a favorite leading lady of Chabrol's (they were married at the time), is excellent as the sensual, bored Frederique, who entices Why and Paul with a perfect mix of blasé detachment and haute sex appeal. A dark, enigmatic drama about obsession and revenge, "Les Biches" makes these bad girls look good.