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What's it About

The large, bustling city of Istanbul is home to thousands of street cats. Originally brought there by Dutch and Norwegian traders during the Ottoman Empire, the felines are part of the fabric of the city, cared for and doted on by residents. One man credits the animals with saving him after his nervous breakdown, and another firmly believes they have mystical powers. All find solace in caring for these four-legged, furry creatures.

Why we love it

Filmmaker Torun grew up in Istanbul and her camera swoops over the rooftops and through the city streets with a knowing, loving eye.  Mounting a camera on a toy car, Torun observes the cats at their own level, following them as they trip along, pausing to be caressed or fed from sidewalk cafes. This meditative film sheds light on several distinct feline personalities… but may tell us more about the humans who are in thrall to them! Much like its subject, “Kedi” is a quiet charmer.