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Set amid the magnificent, sun-scorched Sicilian landscape, this film interweaves four stories of peasant life by Luigi Pirandello to dramatic, often magical effect: a mother (Lozano) copes with her estranged son; a new bride seeks protection from an old lover (Bigagli) when she learns her husband is a moon-sick werewolf; a hunchbacked potter (Franchi) gets trapped in his own creation; and a baronial landowner (Spadola) deals with a death-bed protest from the peasants who farm his land.

Why we love it

The Taviani brothers ("Night of the Shooting Stars"”) bring their customary humanism to this marvelous adaptation of folk tales by Nobel-winning Italian author Pirandello. Mixing a variety of tones, —farcical and downbeat, funny and tragic. —with scenarios both fantasy-based and salt-of-the-earth, Kaos” blends its four tales of bandits and beasts and literary ghosts into an epic, moving tapestry of turn-of-the-century rustic life. An exhilarating experience!  

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