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Well into her forties, Julia Child started out writing a cookbook on French cuisine, and a guest spot to promote it on her local public television station in Boston placed her on a path to superstardom. Within just a few years, she basically revolutionized how Americans thought about food and cooking. But what shaped and prepared her for this incredible destiny? This must-see doc reveals it all: her conservative upbringing in California, her eventual discovery of France (and with that, her vocation), and finally, her love affair with Paul Child, the man who became her spouse, partner and key supporter for decades. Through it all, Julia’s outsize spirit and personality shine through.

Why we love it

Directors Cohen and West have created an intimate and revealing portrait of a much beloved character whose passion for cooking — and overall joie de vivre — were infectious. At a time when American food was all about convenience and frozen TV dinners were ubiquitous, Julia Child taught us to think differently. A French meal lovingly prepared, she suggested, nourished our hearts and souls as much as our stomachs. She was so human and positive on-screen- and such a character- that millions tuned in even if they had no intention of cooking what she was preparing. They simply loved watching her. This irresistible film provides fascinating detail on Julia’s early life and gradual evolution into the public figure she became. Evocative period footage and perceptive interviews with those who knew her best are just icing on this scrumptious soufflé. A feast for all the senses, you’re sure to fall for “Julia.”

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