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In 1960, a young research assistant to paleontologist Louis Leakey travelled to Gombe, Tanzania to study chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Without a scientific degree and often dismissed for being a woman, Jane Goodall’s patient observations and findings proved groundbreaking. National Geographic then sent Dutch photographer Hugo van Lawick to film her at work. Hugo and Jane would soon marry and have a son, who’d grow up among her extensive simian family.

Why we love it

Culled from over 100 hours of newly discovered footage by van Lawick, this gorgeous film lets us witness the genesis of two interlocking stories: Goodall’s love for her chimps, and her burgeoning relationship with van Lawick. Now in her early eighties, a still lively Goodall provides a fascinating look back at that amazing time when an untrained but observant young woman first challenged existing conventions about apes. The stunning photography and Philip Glass score combine to create an immersive, absorbing journey. Meet “Jane”!

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