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Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

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Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

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What's it About

Thirty-something wedding photographer Thien (Vu) is living in Saigon, going through the motions, when he’s notified his sister-in-law has been killed in a motorcycle accident. Thien’s older brother had abandoned his family years before, so Thien becomes guardian for his young nephew, Dao (Thinh). He returns to the small town where he (and his sister-in-law) grew up, to organize the funeral and make arrangements for Dao. Then he decides to go searching for his estranged brother. Will Thien find him?

Why we love it

Winner of the Camera D’Or prize at Cannes, writer/director Pham’s first feature is a remarkably assured work, filled with pungent atmosphere and symbolism. Central character Thien (an excellent Vu), leading a life without purpose, is roused by tragedy to go on a journey that becomes a search for meaning and his own place in the world. “Shell” romances the wild, lush Vietnamese countryside, using ambient sounds, extended long shots and an often static camera. At three hours, this purposely slow, deliberate, contemplative film will not be for everyone, but those patient souls willing to focus will be glad they did. 

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