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Happy-Go-Lucky Poster
Released Runtime Category
2008 118 Comedy, Drama
Director Language
Mike Leigh English
Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan, Alexis Zegerman, Samuel Roulkin


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What's it About

No matter what life throws her way — a stolen bike, a cutting remark — chipper, 30-year-old primary-school teacher Poppy (Hawkins) always sports a smile. Content as a single gal, Poppy enjoys the camaraderie of her best friend and flat-mate Zoe (Zegerman), with whom she shares an especially intimate bond. But her encounters with sour, angry driving instructor Scott (Marsan) challenge Poppy’s natural effervescence, especially once a kindly social worker (Roulkin) enters her life.

Why we love it

Don't miss this Oscar-nominated film from Mike Leigh, about a free-spirited working-class British gal confronting a truly noxious soul. Ever the optimist, Poppy can’t help but try to change Scott’s malignant, borderline psychotic attitude — but can she ever succeed? The appealing Hawkins turns in a star-making performance here, and in the most unsympathetic of roles, Marsan is also superb. Funny, sad, and life-affirming in equal measure, "Happy" is a perceptive slice of-life drama that stays with you.

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