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Great Freedom

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Great Freedom

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What's it About

As a gay man in 1960’s Germany, Hans (Rogowski) is subject to the strict Paragraph 175 law which criminalizes homosexuality. Via flashbacks, we learn that this gentle, unthreatening individual has been in prison several times before, even sent to a concentration camp during World War 2. Over several stints in the same institution, Hans develops a bond with tough heterosexual “lifer” Viktor (Friedrich), and falls in love with Oskar (Prenn), who’s way too fragile to do hard time. Quiet and watchful, Hans endures a hellish environment, and his resigned stoicism feels almost like an act of grace.

Why we love it

Given the subject matter, “Great Freedom” is no easy watch, but those who stick with it will experience an unexpectedly moving and tender film. Through it we witness how the cruel injustice of Paragraph 175 debased and tortured otherwise decent human beings. Under these same intolerable conditions, we also glimpse small acts of mercy, solidarity and love. Rogowski is brilliant in the central role, with Friedrich also affecting as the tattooed killer with a heart. A gritty prison drama and so much more, it’s well worth doing the time for “Great Freedom.”

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