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Fed Up

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A third of the population of America is overweight, and more children than ever suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Obesity is on the rise despite the prevalence of gyms, dietary aids and reduced calorie foods. This investigative work lays the blame squarely at the feet of the sugar industry, food lobbyists, and a government unwilling to stand up to them. Children and their parents discuss failed attempts to lose weight, and their confusion about how to eat healthily in a sea of advertising and products laden with sugar and fat.

Why we love it

Produced by Laurie David (with Katie Couric as Executive Producer), Soechtig’s frightening examination of what we eat and why needs to become a more prominent part of our national conversation about health. From the influence of soda companies to the economics of cheap school lunches, Soechtig lays out clear, damning evidence of collusion between the food lobbies and government dietary guidelines. The human side of the crisis is touched on through the children caught up in the greed of corporate interests. This important film isn’t just for the choir, but for the whole congregation.

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