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Earth Mama

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Earth Mama

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What's it About

Gia (Nomore) is a young, single mother of two, pregnant again with no father in sight. A recovering addict making minimum wage as a photographer’s assistant, she must work to get her kids out of foster care, while figuring out what to do about the child she’s carrying. An older couple (Woodbine and Duncan-Brewster) desperately want to adopt, but Gia is torn and uncertain. Will she get herself and her family back on track?

Why we love it

Leaf’s stunning debut feature is not an easy watch, but offers rich rewards to those who commit. Projecting a stripped down, documentary feel, the film tracks Gia as she tries to reclaim her life against stiff odds, with precious little money, support, or prospects. What drives Gia (played by a note-perfect Nomore) is a steadfast desire to become a full-time mother to her children again. This story of a young woman under intense pressure in an unforgiving system is often wrenching, yet we find hope and inspiration knowing Gia won’t quit. Don’t miss this lean, potent drama.

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