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Dirty Wars

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Dirty Wars

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What's it About

Seasoned war reporter and author Scahill has spent a decade covering stories in the ever-turbulent Middle East. Intrigued by a report of innocent men and women being killed by an American night raid in Afghanistan, he picks up the trail of a covert operation run by the U.S. government. His investigations take him to Somalia and Yemen on the tail of the Joint Special Operations Command, a clandestine unit that reports only to the President, and acts with seeming impunity. Just who are these guys? 

Why we love it

Director Rowley hones in on characters and events that seem ripped from an episode of “Homeland,” as Scahill unearths shocking truths about his own country and military leadership. Cell phone footage of victims and first-hand testimony from witnesses back up his startling discoveries. The war on terror becomes ever murkier as the journalist learns that an American citizen is on J.S.O.C’s “kill list.” Raising big questions about the morality of our own administration, this powerful, Oscar-nominated documentary makes an unnerving case that America is gaining enemies faster than it can kill them.

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